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0.40p Per KG

Minimum Charge - £36.00

20% Surcharge for Zone 2

40% Surcharge for Zone 3

60% Surcharge for Zone 4

80% Surcharge for Zone 5

100% Surcharge for Zone 6

The surcharge is in addition to the Minimum Charge.

All rates subject to VAT at 20%

Zone 1

B, BD, BL, CH, CV, CW, DE, DY, DN, HD, HX, L, LE, LN, LS, M, MK, NG, NN, OL, PE*, S, SK, ST, WA, WF, WN, WR, WS, WV.

Zone 2

AL, BA*, BB, BR, BS, CB, CF, CM, CO*, CR, DA, DH, DL*, E, EC, EN, FY, GL, GU, HA, HG, HP, HU, IG, IP, KT, LU, N, NE*, NP, NR, NW, OX, PE*, PR, RG, RH, RM, SE, SG, SL, SM, SN*, SO*, SR, SS, SW, TF, TS, TW, UB, W, WC, WD, YO.

Zone 3

ME, CT, TN*, BN*, PO*, CA*, DG*, KA*, PA*, G*, FK*, KY*, EH, ML.

Zone 4

FK* KY*, KA*, DG*, CA*, LA, LL*, SY*, LD, HR, SA*, BA*, SP, SN*, SO*, BN*, TN*, NE*, TD.


AB, PH*, DD, LL*, SY*, SA*, EX, TA, BA20 - 22, DT, BH.


TR, PL, TQ, PA*, PH* IV, KW.

* Only certain postcode districts are covered.

Calculating item weight

Our rates are calculated based on the physical and volumetric weights, whichever is greater. 

To calculate the volumetric weight, measure the length, width and height in centimetres and then multiply them all together and then divide by 5000

Example: 60 x 60 x 60 / 5000 = 43.2kg

If you have multiple items to send, then repeat the same procedure.

Please note: Declaring the incorrect shipment weight may cause a delay in your delivery. We reserve the right to hold your goods until you pay the difference.

Collection & Delivery Dates & Times


3 - 5 working days (Monday - Friday).

We will send you a ONE hour time window the night before.

The time window will be planned automatically between 0700 - 1700.

Driver ETA allows you to see the driver's due time based on the previous job.

Various other companies delivering bulky or fragile goods would require you to wait at home all day!

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